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Mayfly Dreams

I have a day to fly and a day to love.
I dress in the reflected light of a spring day.


I ♥ Self-Expression. Flowers beside skulls,
hearts beside daggers. I’ll put anything
with anything – and get it to work!

Rainbow Embrace

I am the promise of sun in a grey sky,
the hope of warmth in the rain, and the
dream of gold on a distant horizon.

Simply Divine

When it comes to cuteness, I’m a classic.
Normally I’m seen only in the finest of palaces
but I’d look good hanging around with you.

The Oldest Art

There’s ancient and there’s perennial.
When Stonehenge was brash, new,
and the latest thing, I was already a classic.
And twenty thousand years on,
I’m still stylish.

Curves & Colours

I tangle, twist and turn
in a restless frenzy of colour.

Beach Fantasy

Sand between your toes, the sun on your back,
and the blue-green of a tropical sea.
Wrap yourself in a daydream and relax.

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